ORGATEC 2022 and its partners present new visions for the work environment

ORGATEC 2022 and its partners present new visions for the work environment

The leading international fair for the world of modern work has explored how work environments and work culture interact and presents new visions of work.

In light of these developments, how can we create workplaces that are resilient and give individual freedom and structure equal space?

What kind of environment makes it possible for ideas to grow, for achievements to outweigh achievements, and for meetings to become successful brainstorming sessions?

How can we structure the collaboration of individualists?

How can organizations ensure that their employees identify with company values while at the same time promoting high employee satisfaction by giving them time, space and technology flexibility?


The impact of the pandemic and digital transformation has further accelerated the decoupling of work from fixed places and times. Tomorrow’s office could be anywhere… even in our heads.

The future belongs to flexible knowledge workers who work creatively and independently – and it belongs to a work culture that is based more than ever on cooperation, motivation and trust in the spirit of partnership.

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