Pedrali The Excellence of Italian Design

Pedrali The Excellence of Italian Design

Pedrali is a prestigious Italian chair company known for its innovative and sustainable approach to creating contemporary furniture.

Founded in 1963 by Mario Pedraliem Palazzolosull’Oglio, in the province of Brescia, the company began as a small craft workshop producing wooden chairs.

Since then, Pedrali has grown exponentially, becoming a global player in the furniture sector, combining artisanal tradition and advanced production technologies.

Pedralise’s philosophy is based on four main pillars: design, innovation, quality and sustainability.

These values ​​permeate every piece produced by the company, which offers a wide range of products, including chairs, tables, lamps and accessories for indoor and outdoor environments.

Each chair is carefully designed to meet customers’ aesthetic and functional needs while maintaining an unwavering commitment to responsible environmental practices.

A New Partnership for ExcellenceWith great satisfaction, PettCapellato announces its partnership with Pedrali.

Sharing common objectives and values, this collaboration aims to offer our clients the best of Italian design for their corporate space projects, outdoor areas, restaurants, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms, home offices and gourmet spaces.

We believe that this union with Pedrali will provide multiple solutions with high quality products for your projects.

With Pedrali chairs, we are ready to offer multiple solutions that combine elegance, functionality and sustainability, transforming workspaces and outdoor areas into inspiring and productive environments.

We invite you to explore our new offerings and discover how this partnership can transform your spaces with the best of Italian design.

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