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our purpose

Our goal is to offer complete, agile and eficient solutions

With more than 20 years of experience, we have a team of professionals who assist the client and the architect from project planning to the final installation of furniture.

About our solutions

We deliver flexibility and comfort with creative and beautiful environments

Today’s offices need to reflect the new reality of workspaces. It must have areas where employees can perform their duties in the space they choose.

Get together informally for coffee and to discuss a topic, make a phone call or have a private conversation, or even choose a specific meeting room to participate in a video conference and discuss a project.

In general, companies need to offer multifunctional spaces that guarantee more flexibility and comfort to employees, with creative and beautiful environments that make the workday more pleasant and create opportunities for collaboration and increased productivity.

The new corporate environment must make people see the day-to-day work from a new perspective, it must stimulate creativity and have spaces designed for well-being.

About Us

We are a Business Solutions HUB

With a focus on these “new spaces” and a commitment to always offer complete and up-to-date solutions, Pett Capellato becomes a “Corporate Solutions Hub,” a dealer that now offers solutions and products with the same conditions and prices as established factories in the national and international markets- @Marellli – @Cavaletti – @Minimal – @Nomem – @London@Vitra@Pedrali.

Products that create modern environments with current colors and designs, comfortable and ergonomic, resulting in a “humanized corporate space” where people feel welcomed, fostering interaction, the exchange of ideas, and a different way of thinking.

Commitment and security

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Our values

We deliver complete and customized solutions for the success of your corporate project

More than the quality of the products, our goal is to deliver complete and effective solutions for the success of your corporate project, aiming to provide unique and innovative results.

Solution Hub

What is a Business Solutions HUB

Solutions Hub is an innovative and disruptive model that provides multiple solutions of services and specialized products through a single company, with a high level of quality, security, performance and availability.

This model was designed to meet your needs with the speed required by the transformations that people’s work undergoes, accelerated by the challenging times we live in. In addition to contributing to cost reduction, it streamlines implementation and enhances opportunities.

These are the “new workspaces” with features of more flexible, comfortable, and versatile configurations, where the corporate environment is intended to be an experience for better thinking, greater integration, and where people feel very well.

Solution Hub

A solution for corporate projects

Currently, there are many vendors providing products for corporate environments and many other companies that market, deliver and assemble them.

This process requires an absurd volume of interactions and, despite the technological evolution, we know the complexity that represents demands of furniture, seats, partitions and files that need to be dealt with each one with a different supplier.

Imagine yourself managing a company that wants to provide the best services to its internal customers. Before the hub existed, you would have had to do dozens of interactions to meet diverse demands, research multiple companies, trade in scenarios and conditions that you don’t fully know or trust.

That’s where PettCapellato’s corporate solutions hub concept comes in.We bring a set of products and services in an integrated and specialized offer, a highly qualified team and optimized processes working as a reliable integrator, who you know, who can understand your demands quickly, link the offers and deliver a complete and efficient solution.

about our work

Our HUB solutions deliver efficiency and quality

This is the purpose of HUB PettCapellato: To deliver incredible benefits to people and companies with our services and products.

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We seek constant innovation in our services, processes and products.

We deliver customized solutions and products for the work environment.

Always focusing on improving the well-being of people and the productivity of companies through the creation of dynamic and modern workspaces.