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Nomen – Street furniture

Nomen – Street furniture

Street Furniture

We are a company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of street furniture, corporate equipment and metal solutions for industry, architecture and construction.

With a high degree of specialization, with a staff of industrial designers and renowned architects.

Design, innovation, quality and durability are the fundamental premises in the development of our products, which, in addition to providing real solutions, generate a new way of inhabiting public, corporate and urban spaces.

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We are aware that, both in the corporate sphere and in controlled public environments, the design and quality of our products must be accompanied by a high degree of durability and resistance.
It is not easy to achieve this harmony, which is why we focus on details, because no matter how small, together they form a product with a high degree of aesthetics and durability.

Our product line includes outdoor and indoor benches, stringers for waiting rooms, trash bins, selective collection baskets, bicycle racks, shelters and bus stops, partitions, ashtrays, beacons, urban accessories, perforated sheet metal fabrication and metal solutions for architecture and construction industry.


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Pett Capellato has been delivering Corporate Furniture solutions throughout Brazil and Latin America for over 20 years. Its products offer efficiency, ergonomics, comfort and design, ensuring users’ health and productivity and beauty for corporate environments.

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