The combination of high quality products with impeccable service has created a place not just to work, but one of inspiration and innovation. Each element was carefully chosen to transcend basic functionality and touch the soul of those who use the space.

  • Company: Seagems.
  • Architects: Sônia Acciaris e Ricardo Nunes.
  • Photographer: Ricardo M. R. Pereira.

More information about the project

About the company

In 2024, we celebrate a decade of our operations with very successful partnerships. During this time, we have not only grown and learned, but also strengthened Sapura’s position in the market.

We cultivate a culture of creativity and innovation, face challenges and adapt to market changes with strategy, resilience and commitment.

Over the last ten years, we have overcome the challenges of a pandemic, successfully managed contract renewals and executed special projects, always relying on the agility and determination that characterize us. We’ve even evolved our brand identity to reflect our ever-changing goals.

Now, once again, it’s time to innovate. With great satisfaction, we announce a new brand for our economic group:

This transformation represents more than just a name change; Renewal comes with the aim of making our identity stronger and more unique. A crucial step to strengthen our organization and improve the delivery of our services.

The Purpose of Change

To meet the needs and constant changes of a highly competitive market, SEABRAS SAPURA decided to restructure its business, which resulted in two independent companies: SEAGEMS and SAPURA.

This decision will allow the company to accelerate its competitive positioning in a market that requires flexibility, providing an onshore company with a lightweight structure and centralizing highly qualified offshore services in a specialized structure.

Sapura is responsible for Management, Market Intelligence, Engineering, Training and the entire back office.

Seagems is responsible for PLSV services, that is, for ships.

One soul, two paths to serve.

Seagems is made up of two companies from the same group capable of presenting integrated, personalized and adapted solutions for the entire engineering project structuring chain.

They are Seagems Solutions and Seagems Offshore.

Seagems Offshore

Specializing in practical solutions in subsea engineering, Seagems Offshore operates on and under the seas, bringing solutions to the most diverse offshore demands of the energy industries. Its fleet consists of six ships equipped with 12 remotely controlled underwater vehicles.

Seagems Solutions

Focusing on administrative management and operations support, Seagems Solutions has a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers to structure detailed studies and projects capable of solving the most complex scenarios in the offshore market.

About the project

The main premise of the project was to ensure the well-being of employees, creating several areas with well-defined objectives. Areas were created such as a large coffee room, new collaborative and seating areas with armchairs and coffee tables that transformed spaces into cozy environments for good conversation, customer service and even work.

Architect Sonia Acciaris from Casa 3 architecture opted for a light, neutral color palette for the upholstery, complemented by touches of natural wood on coffee and side tables. This choice not only brought elegance and a contemporary atmosphere to the spaces, but also promoted a perfect balance between beauty and practicality.

The new armchairs – SOPHIE – guaranteed employees great comfort and ergonomics in work and meeting areas.

Living areas were created with ARCO tables, TROPERA sofas, LAKA sofas and tables, sofas from the VOLO Line and armchairs from the COURSE line, these areas integrate with the work environment and provide environments for a necessary break, for relaxed conversations or , even, to receive customers and suppliers.

Special attention received the “support for moms” room where architect Sonia specified exclusive armchairs from the SHITAKE Line. This space and the living areas show special care in creating a space that supports the needs of all employees.

Another highlight of this project were the sets of acoustic booths from the PLAY line, perfectly integrated into the environment with light wood cladding and glass doors, which complete the set of furniture in a very satisfactory way and create important spaces for confidential conversations, concentration for work specific events and/or meetings with all the comfort and tranquility.

Newly designed environments not only facilitate daily operations, but also act as catalysts for creativity, productivity and overall well-being.

Collaborative areas and living rooms have transformed into cozy places for conversations and meetings, reflecting a commitment to customer service that goes beyond the conventional.


PettCapellato was a major supplier in this project and provided full support in choosing the furniture that best suits the needs of SEAGEMS SAPURTA.

Always very parcipatory and creative, the company’s designer, Andreia Capellato, was tireless in searching for the best solution, contributing with indication of options from design to colors.

Choosing the wide range of products suggested by the Pett Capellato designer, all from established brands, was not just a matter of style and time savings, but a testament to our search for durability, quality and agility.

The experience with the PettCapellato Solutions Hub team was a chapter in itself. His expertise in logistics, assembly and financial management made the process simpler. This project redefined our expectations of a work environment. The combination of high quality products with impeccable service has created a place not just to work, but one of inspiration and innovation.

The new spaces not only facilitate our daily operations, but act as a catalyst for creativity, productivity and overall well-being.

“As an architect, I see this office not only as a testament to work well done and effective completion of a mission I was given, but as a space that breathes life into our ideas and aspirations. It is a place where every day is an opportunity to be inspired by the environment around us” comments architect Sonia.

This project is not only a testimony to the committed and talented work carried out by architects Sonia Acciaris and Ricardo Nunes with support from the PettCapellato team, but it is also a representation of an environment that inspires and breathes innovation. Each element was carefully chosen to transcend basic functionality and touch the soul of those who use the space.

For those seeking to create environments that reflect innovation and professionalism, this project serves as a beacon of possibilities and inspiration.


Casa3 arquitetura


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