News of the year 2019 at Pett Capellato

News of the year 2019 at Pett Capellato

The corporate environment needs to reflect new trends in workspaces.

It should have areas where people can perform a certain function in a space they choose, meet informally in various places to discuss some issue, make a phone call in privacy, carry out a more private work, one that requires more concentration or even choose a specific meeting room to hold a video conference and discuss a project.

With this thought in mind and with the commitment to always offer complete and up-to-date solutions, Pett Capellato associated its services to Grupo FK and Operis, bringing to Rio de Janeiro, product lines that fully meet the needs of companies that, strategically, choose to organize themselves in modern “multi-environments”, with current, comfortable and ergonomic colors and design that result in a “humanized corporate space” where people feel as if they were at home, encouraging conviviality, exchange of ideas and a think different.

A corporate environment that makes people see the day-to-day work from a new perspective encourages creativity and is a powerful instrument for attracting and retaining talent.

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