How to adapt – successfully – your new corporate space to changing work patterns

How to adapt – successfully – your new corporate space to changing work patterns

From individual tasks to group activities, the physical workplace is taking on a variety of new roles. Are you going to renovate your office or are you setting up a new one?

Pursue organizational, digital, and spatial transformation. With more than 20 years of experience working in multipurpose spaces with workstations, Pett Capellato is a HUB of Solutions and has many suggestions

A new concept

The global pandemic has given us time to compensate for what we already know and consider the new challenges people are facing in the ways they work.

How is the return to the office today? Key factors in this process include:

  • Align all stakeholders with project challenges Analyze existing and desired culture
  • Measure employee satisfaction and space occupancy rates
  • Evaluate the range of activities of the teams and their evolution
  • Engaging employees in the process – as well as customers, prospects, architects and partners – to help enrich a perspective
  • To unlock the full potential of the workspace, seek the support of an expert architect.

Designing a successful workspace

Traditional workplace designs and concepts have changed. Today we are going to work more on group activities rather than individual or transactional tasks that can be done at home or in alternative spaces.

Successful business spaces promote collaboration, socializing and hospitality, but they also allow workers the freedom to choose where, when and how they work.

In the era of work from anywhere, the office becomes a place where people meet, collaborate and find inspiration. It is a place where you work towards a common goal – organizational success – which requires the association of many skills.

Count on PettCapellato, a Solutions HUB where you will find services and products to contribute to a comprehensive and innovative office design solution based on 2 pillars: Well-being and Flexibility.

Pillar 1: Well-Being and Quality of Life at Work

The workspace needs to contribute to ensuring physical, cognitive and psychological comfort that is beneficial to employee performance and job satisfaction.

Create spaces for people to relax, restore and recharge. Project a warm and welcoming atmosphere by incorporating a palette of colors and materials with this proposal. Inspire employees and visitors.

Pillar 2: The Need for Flexibility

The way we work, our organizations and our personal and professional needs are constantly changing. Knowing how to navigate complexity and uncertainty leads us to experiment and test, again and again.

Office spaces cannot be static, they must be increasingly adaptable. With that flexibility, we can make life easier – rather than more restrictive – for employees.

All employees will need to be equipped with remote work capabilities and can choose where they want to work according to their activities and preferences.

The layout now needs to expand social and event spaces. Space is needed for warm, friendly gatherings and informal gatherings, workshop-type spaces for collaboration, creativity and training, as well as multiple small rooms and booths that offer privacy for one-on-one calls and group video conferencing.

Access PettCapellato a Solutions HUB and learn about the product and service options to create multifunctional, adaptable spaces that can be combined to accommodate teams of varying sizes to better meet your needs.

This is just the beginning

The office renovation has just begun. The workplace can add value when it is designed with care – attention to detail and purpose for those who work and visit the site.

In essence, the workplace of the future is the main hub where people go to collaborate, socialize and grow. It is the basis of a strong organizational culture, characterized by employee involvement and commitment. When we design for wellness, flexibility, technology and sustainability, the workplace becomes a focal point for any organization.

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