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VITRA office chairs: A Revolution in Comfort and Style​

VITRA elected Pett Capellato to lead the way for its brands in the corporate market in Rio de Janeiro.

By defining the Pett Capellato Solutions Hub to command its brand in Rio de Janeiro, VITRA sends a clear message to the market: Corporate space projects and home offices gain differentiating allies to become unique: The tradition and prestige of VITRA chairs carried to you at the hands of a company with DNA of reliability and excellent services.

By choosing Pett Capellato Solutions Hub to lead its expansion in Rio de Janeiro, VITRA not only makes a bold statement, but redefines the future of workspace. This innovative partnership promises to transform offices and home offices into prestigious and exclusive settings.

The union of VITRA’s Swiss design tradition with the expertise and reliability of Pett Capellato is a fusion destined for success. Each VITRA chair, known worldwide for its prestige and innovation, now arrives in Rio de Janeiro from a company that exudes excellence in service.

This powerful combination promises to elevate each corporate office and home office project to a level of uniqueness and sophistication.


A New Chapter in Workspaces: The VITRA-Pett Capellato Signature

When you choose a VITRA chair, you are not just choosing a chain, but embracing a lifestyle where comfort and design intertwine perfectly. With Pett Capellato’s strategic direction, each VITRA chair is more than a piece of furniture; It’s a centerpiece that sets the tone for any space, offering an unparalleled work experience.

Transform Your Workspace with VITRA and Pett Capellato

We invite you to explore this revolutionary partnership in Rio de Janeiro. Discover how VITRA chairs, curated by Pett Capellato, can transform your office into an exceptional work environment. Contact us and begin the journey to a redefined workspace where comfort, style and innovation meet.

Pett Capellato: Over 20 Years Defining Excellence in the Corporate Market*

With more than two decades of experience, Pett Capellato is synonymous with commitment and innovation. Its ‘over delivery’ management and ‘Hands On’ approach ensure that each project exceeds expectations, supported by a robust backoffice structure. Now, this expertise joins VITRA to redefine the corporate chairs scenario in Rio.

VITRA: Where Innovation meets Swiss Tradition in Design

VITRA, a leading Swiss interior design brand, transcends the notion of furniture with its focus on ergonomics and aesthetics. Each VITRA chair is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that transforms any corporate environment into a space of sophistication and well-being.

Sustainability and Beauty: The VITRA Commitment

VITRA stands out not only for its design, but also for its commitment to sustainability. Materials selected for their beauty, functionality and reduced environmental impact are the basis of each creation, reflecting a responsible and conscious life cycle.

Comfort that Inspires: The VITRA Promise - Pett Capellato

VITRA solutions, now guided by Pett Capellato’s vision, bring new meaning to workplace comfort. Each chair is a promise of support and elegance, transforming long hours of work into experiences of pure comfort.

Revolution in Design: Every Chair, a Statement

Each carefully designed and tested VITRA chair is not just a piece of furniture, but a design statement that elevates the aesthetics of any corporate environment.

VITRA and Pett Capellato: Redefining the Art of Working with Elegance and Comfort

We invite you to discover how VITRA can transform your workspace. Get in touch for more information and start revolutionizing your work environment with the perfect combination of comfort, style and sustainability.

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