Use office reception furniture to make your business stand out

Use office reception furniture to make your business stand out

Office reception furniture is one of the first aspects of your business that customers and partners will experience. What you choose matters.

Set the scene with your office reception furniture

According to Forbes, your business only has 7 seconds to make a first impression. Furniture is probably one of the first things they will see in those 7 seconds.

How do you want customers to feel when they enter your reception area?

What assumptions do you want them to take away from the furniture you choose in your lobby? If you’re on a tight budget, pick one or two things to prioritize.

Choose wisely — first impressions are one of your best assets when it comes to serving your customers and partners.

Armchairs for reception area

Reception seating includes a wide variety of styles, from rocking chairs to more modular designs. Choosing the right visitor chairs depends on your budget, style and space.

Are you looking to create a warmer atmosphere with your office reception seating? Use chairs with softer materials, cushions, armrests and perhaps a gentle slope. Choose colors, patterns, and materials that reflect your brand.

Modular seating is a choice for modern businesses, especially for its practicality and portability. Your furniture sends a message. In the case of modular furniture, it expresses a certain level of adaptability, modernity and functionality.

Reception area sofas

Sofas are an excellent choice for office reception furniture, especially if you have a smaller area. They have the potential to make guests feel comfortable and relaxed. But they also provide an opportunity for you to express your brand’s style.

If you add sofas to your office reception, make sure they are large enough to accommodate all of your guests. Nobody wants to sit side by side with strangers in a reception area.

Coffee tables for reception area

Coffee tables are certainly not a requirement when it comes to office furniture in the reception area. But they can be a useful addition, especially for smaller companies. You can display flyers or information about your business on a coffee table.

It can also be a place for industry-related publications and magazines. Offices often display entertainment magazines, presumably to distract patients from anxiety.

If you choose to include a coffee table, make sure it matches your corporate style. It must be clean and tidy, without impeding any passage.

Reception desks also come in handy if you offer drinks in the reception area – even if it’s just water. Tables give potential customers a place to place their drinks or snacks while they wait.

The receptionist

While it’s easy to focus on the customer, don’t forget the importance of a well-crafted space for a receptionist. This is the first person who interacts with customers, customers and visitors. Providing the receptionist with comfortable, ergonomic furniture has a value beyond aesthetics. This will help lift your mood, improve your physical comfort and health, and set the stage for positive interactions.

This concept not only applies to the receptionist seat, but also to the reception desk. Upon entering the room, the reception desk is probably the first thing you see. What does your setup and design say about your business? Is it sleek, made of glass, and clutter-free with the latest Mac desktop computer?

Is it made of solid wood and filled with trinkets, small plants and personal photos? Should the reception desk be placed higher to create a physical barrier between the receptionist and visitors? Consider what these different configurations for reception desks communicate about the company and its employees. Most importantly, consider how they can make people in the reception area feel.

Choose a creative piece

Office reception furniture doesn’t have to be boring. By wearing a creative and spectacular piece, you can leave a great first impression that sets you apart. Some reception areas have televisions to keep people entertained and show cases or your company’s institutional. You don’t need to go for something expensive to make a good impression. You can choose something simple like a large plant, a piece of art or a unique light fixture.

Use furniture and seating to set the scene for your company’s story

If you’re looking for a wide range of furniture and chairs to choose from, browse the modern, sleek and ergonomic designs that partners – here include @Marelli, @Cavaletti, @Nomem, by PettCapellato provide.

Whether you need new office chairs, a whole new set of reception or collaborative area chairs, or even outdoor furniture, PettCapellato has a wide range of options to meet every need.

Visit our website or our Show Room to discover how everything you can use as the right furniture to tell the story of your company.

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