Table with electrical adjustment ensures flexibility and more comfort to employees

Table with electrical adjustment ensures flexibility and more comfort to employees

What if you could adjust the height of your desk in a practical and effortless way? This possibility exists and is already being used by several Pett Capellato customers.

The tables with electrical height adjustment allow you to make the ergonomic adjustment in the right measure, taking into account the different body types. They also provide the employee’s well-being and health, increasing their ability to concentrate, creativity and better performance.

Flexibility and employee retention

Spending most of the day sitting in the same position doesn’t seem like a very exciting idea – let alone healthy. So how about allowing people the flexibility to work standing up using a height-adjustable desk?

According to the Fraunhofer Institute, in Germany, around 25% of employee satisfaction at work is influenced by the design of the office, that is, the furniture, lighting, among other aspects. This means that investing in ergonomic furniture is a way to retain employees and improve the company’s results.

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