From the beginning, the holistic approach adopted promised an environment that balanced efficiency with aesthetics. Each element, meticulously chosen, reflected a deep understanding of how space and form influence human interaction and productivity.

  • Company: Subsea7.
  • Photographer: Ricardo M. R. Pereira.

Credits: Photographer Ricardo M. R. Pereira

More information about the project

About the company

Subsea7 is a company of Norwegian origin, based in the United Kingdom, a global leader in the delivery of offshore projects and services for the energy industry and its offshore operations span five decades (in Brazil we have been for over 35 years), successfully concluding more than 1,000 projects.

Working in all water depths across all energy centers, engineering expertise, alliances and specialist technologies enable the company to be involved from the outset in designing and delivering global solutions to customers with safe and reliable delivery. In addition, Subsea7 is committed to making the offshore energy transition possible through the continued evolution of low-carbon oil and gas and enabling the growth of renewables and emerging energies.

With the growth of operations in Brazil, it became necessary to expand the office capacity to accommodate more than 1,000 employees at its headquarters located in Porto Maravilha, the port area of Rio de Janeiro. The challenging project was the responsibility of the facilities department, with coordinator Ana Nascimento as manager, and should include platform-type workstations, areas with acoustic characteristics, collaborative spaces, coffee areas, meeting and management rooms, restaurant and training rooms.

Sustainability was a crucial factor in the project

SubSea7 was concerned with sustainable and responsible solutions. This ranged from simple things, such as taking advantage of rainwater, to larger actions, such as ensuring that all offshore operations were designed so as not to harm the environment.

The project showed that it is possible to create work spaces that respect nature. With measures such as correct waste management and protection of marine life, the company has shown that sustainability and business can go hand in hand. This is important not only for SubSea7, but serves as an example for everyone in the market.

When asked about the most notable aspects of the project, we received the following response from Subsea7:

“In a constantly evolving energy industry, one of the most significant challenges we face is the growing demand that society places on the ability to supply energy sources in a sustainable and responsible way”

This commitment to sustainable actions was one of Subsea7’s main requirements for the project. Attention to the environment and the search for eco-efficient solutions proved to be fundamental and were aligned with the objective of creating a space that met current needs without compromising future generations.

About the project

The main premises of the project were to guarantee the well-being of employees and allow flexibility in areas such as the restaurant and training rooms to accommodate events held internally. The furniture, including work platforms, cabinets and management tables, allowed this mission to be achieved. Furthermore, the choice of light and neutral colors, with a touch of natural wood in the hazelnut tone used in the table dividers and on the tops of the meeting and management tables, gave elegance and beauty to the set, creating a contemporary and pleasant work environment. that balances functionality with aesthetics.

SOPHIE chairs guaranteed environments a unique style where elegance, comfort and ergonomics were the highlights.

In addition to supporting the entire logic, electrical and telephony infrastructure, platforms and work, the meeting tables and management tables have a lightweight design and are made up of interchangeable elements, which provides ease and flexibility for future adjustments to layouts as growth grows. from the company.

Living areas were created with sofas and tables that received special attention and included a Bistro table, Fun stools, Sofas and Spin Tables, as well as customized woodwork planters; These special areas integrate with the work environment and provide the necessary break for more relaxed conversations or even to welcome customers and suppliers.

A highlight of this project were the acoustic booths of the PLAY line, perfectly integrated into the environment with light wood covering and glass doors, which complete the set of furniture in a very satisfactory way and create important spaces for confidential conversations, concentration for specific work and or meetings with complete comfort and tranquility.
Creativity emerged in the design of the training rooms where the choice of multicolored GOL chairs, which set the perfect tone of relaxation for these very important spaces.


From the beginning, the holistic approach adopted promised an environment that balanced efficiency with aesthetics. Each element, meticulously chosen, reflected a deep understanding of how space and form influence human interaction and productivity. The result is a space that not only serves practical needs, but also uplifts the spirit and sharpens the mind.

Choosing to work with a single source to acquire a wide variety of products not only saved precious time, but also ensured a visual and functional harmony that is often lost in more fragmented projects. The office is now not just an elegant and professional space, but a symbol of confidence in resilience in the face of the demands of the corporate world.

The experience of the PettCapellato Solutions Hub team simplified the process, allowing the client to focus on other stages of the project. The combination of high quality products with impeccable service has created a place not just to work, but one of inspiration and innovation. This space not only facilitates daily operations, but acts as a catalyst for creativity, productivity and overall well-being.

For anyone seeking to create spaces that transcend functionality to touch the soul, this project is a beacon of possibilities.


Fotógrafo Ricardo M. R. Pereira


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