Somus Capital

Environments suited to the type of work of people, partners and employees, as well as customer service were created; with an emphasis on having spaces designed for quality of life, with workstations that promote synergy between teams and comfortable and beautiful meeting and reception rooms.

  • Company: Somus Capital.
  • Architect: Marcio Aurelio Cunha arquitetura.
  • Photographer: Ricardo M. R. Pereira.

Credits: Photographer Ricardo M. R. Pereira

More information about the project

About the company

Founded by 8 partners with extensive experience in the financial market, Somus emerges as one of the leading investment advisory offices accredited to XP Investimentos.

About the project

For the new headquarters in Rio, architect Marcio Aurelio Cunha designed a modern and integrated space, featuring a new reception area, staff rooms, meeting rooms, and a socializing and relaxation area with sofas and armchairs. The project includes solutions for staff areas, meeting rooms, reception, and common areas.

The environments were created to suit the work style of the partners, employees, and client interactions, with a focus on quality of life. The workstations encourage synergy among teams, while the comfortable and beautiful meeting rooms and reception area provide a pleasant experience.

Architect Marcio Aurelio Cunha always seeks companies that can offer a wide range of top-quality service solutions (delivery time, assembly, warranty, pre and post-sales support) along with a product portfolio that meets global corporate project needs, including partitions, furniture, seating, storage, and custom-made joinery products. In this regard, PettCapellato HUB OF SOLUTIONS fully met the requirements, contributing with the following product lines:

Reception armchairs – ZENDI Line;
Modular sofas and armchairs – PIX Line;
Coffee tables and side tables – PIX Line;
Notebook table – NOTE Line;
Floor-to-ceiling partitions – ETHERNE Line.

The spaces exude a subtle elegance, with the use of light woods, recessed LED lighting, and graphite-toned partitions. The work areas, furnished with clean-toned furniture and ergonomic chairs, are spacious and provide comfort to the users. The socializing area features equipment such as a large screen and a beer cooler, as well as modular sofas for receiving clients and providing a casual space for employees to chat.

Architect Marcio highlighted the fulfillment of project specifications, the variety of items that could be acquired from a single supplier, adherence to agreed-upon deadlines, and the quality of the delivered products as noteworthy aspects of PettCapellato’s service.

To learn more about the work of Marcio Aurelio Cunha:

For the past 12 years, Marcio Aurelio Cunha Arquitetura has been active in the corporate architecture market, offering exclusive attention to its clients.

Living the process of creation with functionality and turning it into reality is our main mission.

“Our work is to transform your dreams, ideas, and aspirations into reality, seeking practical solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, comfort, and, above all, cost.”Architect Marcio Aurelio Cunha.

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Somus Capital

Marcio Aurelio Cunha arquitetura


Photographer Ricardo M. R. Pereira


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