How to choose your office chair

How to choose your office chair

Chairs are much more than pieces of furniture in a corporate environment, they are work tools that influence our efficiency and creativity and, at the same time, our well-being and health.

Investing in a good office chair is essential for any company.

The office chair is a work tool of constant use, hence the importance of adapting perfectly to the needs and tasks of users.

A deficient chair can have serious consequences

The health of the back, tensions in the cervical and lumbar region are closely related to postures in the workplace. But beyond that, sitting in the chair, our feet should touch the floor. If we are too high, circulation problems appear. If, on the other hand, the chair is too low, a part of the buttocks is loaded. By adjusting the chair to an appropriate height and distributing the weight correctly, we can spend more time seated, and more comfortably.

The consequences of a corporate space, or home office, with inappropriate chairs are musculoskeletal problems, as the body feels forced to compensate for the support that the chair should offer.

Chairs are work tools and the first thing we must be clear about is the use we are going to give them: We must define whether it is a chair for sporadic or continuous use, this will determine its technical and functional aspects, as well as its comfort and the materials we need to achieve a correct posture.

In the case of chairs of constant use, it is important that the arms, the seat and the backrest are adjustable to favor the natural movement of the body.

The more a chair is used, the more stable the mechanisms, materials and anchoring systems must also be, to always support the user’s body well.

Each office chair must specifically respond to the individual needs of employees.

The chair must make us feel supported, that is, it must reduce the muscular demands of a position we occupy for many hours a day.

This should allow us to change positions safely and stably.

Check that the chair complies with the standards

Chairs are an important work tool for your team and as such must comply with regulations. The ABNT 13.9062 standard dictates safety and health requirements related to working with data visualization screens.

The standard establishes attributes that chairs must have to allow freedom of movement, adaptation to different users, as well as the essential mechanisms and adjustments for a comfortable and adequate seat. It also sets out requirements for stability, durability and dimensions for office chairs.

Test chair comfort

Before buying chairs, sit on them in a static 90 degree position with a straight back. But also move. Forward, backward, right and left.

It is essential that while we are seated we are able to move naturally. If we don’t move, we’re not allowing the joints and circulatory system to be activated. This mobility is the factor that allows us to work for hours without harm to our health.

The arms are recommended for times when we are not using the keyboard, as they allow us to unload weight on the shoulders during this time. They allow us to get closer to the table and have it fit without tripping. Headrests are essential for certain tasks. Seat depth adjustment, arm width will contribute to more comfort.

Ask what materials your chair is made of

In chairs for continuous use, it is essential that the materials are of quality and that they guarantee durability. Only in this way can the work instrument that constitutes an office chair provide comfort and guarantee that its characteristics will remain unchanged over time.

The choice of upholstery must also be conscious, because there is a wide range of options with very different qualities. It is crucial that the fabric transpire so that the chair does not accumulate sweat and provides a certain climatic comfort, because a large surface of the chair is in contact with our body. Foam is also an important point, density must be correct to provide comfort and not deform over time. Upholstery must be easy to clean. Bearing in mind that a good office chair is called to last more than ten years, it is necessary to be able to maintain good hygiene.

The materials, mechanisms and shapes of the chair must be of high performance, and these factors are linked to the design of the chair and the parts that make it up; Much study and expertise are dedicated to designing and producing a quality chair. Always prefer chairs where there is a designer or a specialized factory associated with them.


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