How has workspace evolution transformed the way we work?

How has workspace evolution transformed the way we work?

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The work environment was heavily impacted by the digital world evolution and the pandemic. The way we work was permanently altered, changing the fundamental psychological contract between employee and employer and how the work is done.

This resulted in a transformation of the office’s purpose, which now has become a diffuse platform that supports various styles of work.

In this article, we’ll explore the evolution of the work environment and how new concepts like corporate mobility can impact the personal spheres in the workspace.

The importance of the work environment in the digital era

For example, not so long ago, some companies had a policy that prohibited sending e-mails after 6 pm, but that practice is getting increasingly outdated.

That is due to the fact that smartphones, laptops, and other devices have become more powerful and connected, allowing employees to communicate, collaborate and involve themselves with colleagues no matter where they are.

That is even more aggravated by BYOD policies (bring your own device) that some companies adopt.

The adoption of BYOD policies and its challenges

As more companies adopt BYOD (bring your own device) policies, the employees’ personal devices connect to the corporate networks, allowing them to work more efficiently and flexibly. Wearables, headphones, smartwatches, cameras, microphones, and sensors connected are becoming more and more common.

These digital tools changed the way we think and exist, allowing employees to manage their personal and professional experiences in a hybrid work environment.

However, that transformation brought new challenges, like the necessity of companies to adapt to these changes and ensure the safety of the company’s data in a more diffuse work environment.

How companies can adapt to changes in the work environment

With the proper adoption of flexible policies, companies can take max advantage of the new diffuse work era and provide a more satisfactory and productive work experience to their employees.

It’s essential that companies take into consideration the employee’s necessities and expectations, creating a work environment that promotes cooperation, creativity, and well-being.

Corporate mobility

In this context, corporate mobility is a concept that is becoming stronger in companies that wish to be prepared for this new work environment. 

With it, it’s possible to supply corporate resources to the employees, anywhere at any time, providing more flexibility and agility in the accomplishment of tasks.

To implement corporate mobility efficiently, it’s necessary to think about three aspects:

  • Technology; 
  • Policies, and; 
  • Culture.


Regarding technology, it’s fundamental to have a robust and flexible IT infrastructure, that allows safe access to corporate resources through different devices and networks.

It’s also needed to adopt mobile devices management (MDM) solutions, that grant remote management of the devices utilized by employees and guarantee safety for corporate data. 


Concerning policies, it’s important to establish clear and well-defined rules about the use of mobile devices and the safety of corporate data. These policies must reach from what type of devices are allowed to use of passwords and data encryption.

Organizational culture

Lastly, the organizational culture also must be adapted to this new work environment. It’s necessary to encourage collaboration and communication between employees, no matter where they are.

Impact of corporate mobility in personal spheres

Corporate mobility can significantly impact the employee’s personal spheres. With the ability to work anywhere, employees have more flexibility to balance the work demand and their personal life. 

However, this flexibility can also take to higher pressure to always be available and connected to work. Employees can feel they need to answer e-mails or take phone calls outside working hours, which can lead to a work overload and imbalance between professional and personal life. 

Furthermore, corporate mobility can take to a higher dependency on mobile devices as well. Employees can feel compelled to keep their mobile devices close so that they can answer quickly to the demand of the work. This can lead to a bigger distraction and lower personal life quality.

Corporate furniture and work environment

In summary, work environment evolution is changing how employees work, but companies can adapt to this change to provide a more satisfactory and productive work experience. 

Corporate furniture choice can be crucial to create a productive and satisfactory work environment for collaborators taking into consideration the evolution of the digital world, the pandemic, and the transformation that it caused in the work environment.

Corporate mobility is one of the solutions that has been gaining recognition in companies to adapt to this new work environment, offering employees access to corporate resources anywhere at any time, and providing more flexibility and agility in the execution of tasks.


In summary, the work environment evolution is changing the way employees work, but companies can adapt to this change to provide a more satisfactory and productive work experience

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