High Design Fair 2019

High Design Fair 2019

Ergonomics, movement and flexibility form the basis of the new brand concept. F.WAY will present its insights into the fluidity of current working modes.

F.WAY will be present for the second year at the High Design 2019 fair. The brand seeks to reinvent contract furniture in the Brazilian market with launches and new product lines that increasingly seek to adapt to human beings, becoming efficient means for people to perform their tasks in a more fluid and dynamic way.

Ergonomics is one of the pillars of the new concept
Among the core values ​​of F.WAY, we chose ergonomics as a focus to serve as the basis for the concepts explored during this year’s fair. Ergonomics permeates everything around us and is especially important in what we propose to do: good products that make people’s lives better.

Artistic director Ricardo Bello Dias visually and sensorially expresses the various facets that can be explored on this theme, carrying the mobility and flexibility of versatile and dynamic products and environments.

Why the move?
Where work meets NEW TECHNOLOGIES, opportunities arise that we cannot ignore and that lead us to an important change of mindset. Work and its many forms often escape classifications, but all are oriented towards an idea of ​​DYNAMISM, FLEXIBILITY and DISPLACEMENT.

In the office, it is more important to move than to stop and it is precisely the mobility of the contemporary world that has distorted the traditional idea of ​​office work.

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August 21 to 23, 2019 | 10 am to 8 pm.

Sao Paulo Expo | Imigrantes Highway KM 1.5 – São Paulo SP

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