Flexible professional realities call for compatible environments and furniture

Flexible professional realities call for compatible environments and furniture

Today, employees are increasingly deciding where and how best to carry out their tasks. Often, different work situations alternate.

Concentrated individual work can be followed by communicative activities, teamwork can be replaced by withdrawal or relaxation.

Modern office planning must reconcile these different needs and create the right and comfortable conditions.

How can activities and needs be positively influenced by the work environment? The faster the world of work changes, the more employee needs change. Changing work situations lead to new work styles and require adaptable corporate environments.

So what should the office look like today, where employees are comfortable in a wide variety of work situations and thus can be happier?

Below is an example of this new corporate environment reality:

Update is the keyword

What still seemed utopian a few years ago, designers and engineers have now become a reality: A new swivel chair that requires almost no conventional mechanics.

Terms like “Workplace 4.0”, “Co-Working” and “Smart Office” are increasingly making headlines when it comes to changes in the office world. New workplace concepts and work models are in demand and require a rethink – from room concepts to new seating solutions.

The classic office swivel chair, which is permanently placed in a workplace, now needs its latest version that is usable in many of these new work environments. Young people in co-working spaces and agile workers without dedicated jobs demand simple, flexible and smart solutions.

The new office swivel chair must adapt to its user and not vice versa. Simply put, sit back and feel good!

The innovative geometry is not just a smart technical solution, it is also the design statement that gives the product its lightness. The use of materials is significantly less, because much of the conventional mechanism can be dispensed with.

Even without thick padding, the ergonomic shape ensures optimal support. So any environment where work needs to be done, whether in a smart office or at home, can be easily adapted and customized with elegance and comfort.

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