Eletrobras’ new headquarters is close to being delivered

Eletrobras’ new headquarters is close to being delivered

With great pride, we repost an article from the Eletros website (Original article), about the new headquarters of Eletrobras, developed by Pett Capellato together with its architectural partner.

Last week, the presidents of Eletrobras, Wilson Ferreira, and of ELETROS, Afrânio Barreira de Alencar, accompanied by the directors, directors and representatives of both companies, were at the Mario Bhering Building to visit one of the floors that is already ready.

The move to the building will bring great integration to Eletrobras, as it will allow, for the first time in its entire history, the company to gather its employees in the same physical location.

See the complete project on our official website: https://pettcapellato.com.br/eletrobras/

About the contract

In March 2017, ELETROS signed a lease agreement for the Mario Bhering Building, located at Rua da Quitanda, nº 196, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, with Eletrobras.

In order to adapt the building to the needs of Eletrobras, a demolition stage was necessary, which took place in September 2017. The work began in December 2017.

The company Lafem Engenheira won the competition and was the service provider responsible for the execution of the architectural and complementary engineering projects developed by the “Consortium” of companies led and managed in an integrated manner by Metroll.

The projects were developed based on the conceptual definition of the company GAD, which created the language of the environments in line with Eletrobras’ strategy and with the brand identity, in order to provide a standard for setting the spaces where they reflect its values, stimulating the development of activities.

During this entire period, a team from ELETROS was assigned to closely monitor the progress of the project.

Advantages for Eletrobrás BD and CD Plans

It should be noted that the lease of the Mario Bhering Building brings a significant gain to the Eletrobrás BD and CD Plans, and consequently to all participants and beneficiaries of these plans.

It also brings gains for the sponsor Eletrobras itself, due to the improvement in the profitability of the real estate investment segment, with a positive impact, especially on the BD Plan result.

See the complete project on our official website: https://pettcapellato.com.br/eletrobras/

See the full news on the website: https://www.eletros.com.br/noticias/nova-sede-da-eletrobras-esta-proxima-de-ser-entregue/

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