Colors in corporate design: transforming workspaces

Colors in corporate design: transforming workspaces

In the world of corporate design, the choice and application of colors are fundamental to creating work environments that not only promote employee productivity and well-being, but also reflect the brand’s identity.

Pett Capellato, specialized in innovative solutions for architecture and design, recognizes the power of colors in corporate design to transform common spaces into inspiring and motivating places.

This article explores how different color palettes can influence the workplace, highlighting the importance of color selection in architecture and corporate interior design.

The psychology of colors in corporate design

The impact of colors on the workplace is vast and varied. Specific colors can influence the mood, energy and efficiency of employees, making them an essential element in corporate interior design. Let’s look at some concepts.

Light and Sustainability

Pett Capellato’s approach to design emphasizes the importance of natural light and sustainability.

This concept is reflected in the choice of colors and materials that promote a feeling of openness and connection with the external environment, while maintaining sustainable design principles.

Inspirado na suavidade da luz natural, este estilo promove uma estética minimalista que transmite harmonia e irradia uma refrescante sensação de serenidade.
Espaços são projetados para serem elegantes, suaves e respeitosos com o meio ambiente.

The playfulness of pastel tones

Pastels offer a way to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space. They are perfect for creating environments that encourage creativity and lightness, ideal for dynamic and innovative workspaces.

Soft shades of blue, pink and green convey whimsical charm and delicate hues, creating an energetic atmosphere that inspires and delights.

The serenity of the Mediterranean blue

Mediterranean blue captures the essence of calm and clarity, evoking the serenity of the coast and sky.

This color can transform a workspace into an environment of tranquility and focus, encouraging productivity and well-being.

Mediterranean Blue: a palette that combines coastal serenity and the beauty of light, creating a calming work environment with timeless charm.

The vitality of the green forest

Rich, vibrant greens bring the outside in, fostering a connection to nature that is both revitalizing and calming.

This style is perfect for spaces that seek to be a haven of calm and inspiration amidst the corporate hustle and bustle.

Green Forest: Rich greens and natural touches transform the space into a clean, serene oasis, promoting well-being and productivity.

The energy of citrine

Bright, cheerful shades of citrine can energize and invigorate any workspace, fostering a vibrant atmosphere that encourages creativity and optimism.

Citrus: Colors inspired by citrus fruits that invigorate the space with lively and cheerful tones, serving as a dose of energy and positivity.

The Earthly Connection of Natural Earth

The earthy beauty and organic textures of natural tones create a welcoming and comfortable environment, ideal for spaces that value sustainability, comfort and discreet elegance.

Natural Earth: This style embraces the connection to nature through organic textures and warm earthy tones, creating a welcoming space that reflects the beauty of the natural world.

The sober elegance of dark tones

Dark, muted tones provide a sense of sophistication and focus, perfect for decision-making areas and executive spaces where concentration and elegance are paramount.

Dark and Sober: A palette of dark tones that is synonymous with classic elegance, creating a sophisticated and timeless work environment.

The journey with Pett Capellato

Pett Capellato is dedicated to transforming workspaces through the power of color, combining sustainable design, well-being and aesthetics in a unique way created by architects. When you choose to work with us, you gain a partner committed to bringing innovation, creativity and customized solutions to your corporate architecture project.

We invite you to explore how we can transform your workspace together, creating an environment that not only meets the functional needs of your clients, but also fosters a deeper connection between its occupants and the space they inhabit.

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